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adk rock climbing foot

We love climbing here at Mountain O & P and want to help more amputees get out on the rock. We found that many climbing-specific prosthetic feet can be cost prohibitive for an entry level climber, while conventional prosthetic foot designs are too flexible to be supportive on the rock - so we decided to make our own climbing foot right here in the Adirondacks! Through years of development and coordination with several expert amputee climbers, we have designed an inexpensive prosthetic foot that functions well for any climber of any ability level.

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how to purchase

The ADK Climbing Foot can be purchased through our online store below. Pricing does not include shipping. Please note, we cannot ship internationally.

how to set up
  1. Select a Pyramid adapter or receiver with a four hole base.

  2. Cut bolts to a length that extends 1cm into the foot.

  3. Align foot so that the sides of the foot are 90 degree to the wall and the front is 20 degrees angled forward midline. This allows for equal internal and external rotation of the hip and natural contact of the front surface with the knee in a flexed position.

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